Looking Forward

Posted on February 27, 2019
By Patti Brown

looking forward

I don’t know about you, but it does not seem possible it is already time to turn our calendars over to the month of March. Soon we will be springing forward, welcoming milder temperatures and more sunshine, and watching for all of the beautiful signs of new life that spring brings. That is, of course, if our fickle Missouri weather will allow it!

As I dream of spring, I dream about our newest member of the family and how quickly he will be entering our lives. Although he isn’t due until early summer, our babies have a pattern of coming early which lends me to plan his arrival in the same fashion. There are moments I still can’t believe we will be welcoming a new baby boy, as news of his life was a bit of a surprise to Mike and me. Since the fall and winter were full of buying a farm, launching our website, and our busy family schedule, I’m quite looking forward to the pause that will come with newborn snuggles and time as a family to get to know our new son.

I eagerly await the season in front of me and I am grateful for the promises it will bring. Friend, my hope for you is that as you embrace spring and the months that lie ahead, you will take the time alongside me to pause and be renewed.

Until Next Time,